Tales of Mist and Magic is Finally Live at Amazon

They say there are no more dragons—but Granny Maberly knows better. At ninety-four turns old, Granny’s seen more than her share of strange beings in her travels as matriarch to a headstrong Wagonwalker clan. And she’s lived long enough to know that not all monsters have horns (or tusks). Immortal Tarn who fall woefully short of legend; cannibal Moraggim haunting… Read more →

Interview with Ushguk

Sometimes we all make mistakes. Mine was in allowing Ushguk to be interviewed by Anno the Tarn last week. Ushguk and Anno are just two of the characters from the Island of Dragonish – the world where my future fantasy novel series takes place. I was so busy revising my upcoming Dragonish trilogy that I thought I’d let Anno interview… Read more →

A Room in the Pines

Inspiration comes from the strangest places. When I was growing up in Glasgow – all grey, soot-stained tenements, gangs, and spit on the sidewalks – my mother sometimes reminisced about her stay in “the sanitarium”. This was an isolation hospital specifically for those suffering from tuberculosis. When she was sixteen, she and her fiancé, George Robinson, were walking up a hill with their bicycles… Read more →

Banishing the Dreaded É

If you live and write in Canada, and you use a PC, you have probably come across the dreaded É syndrome. That’s when you go to type a question mark, and instead of ‘?’, you see ‘É’. Then you quickly find out that other keys (most notably your quote keys) are screwed up too. I used to have to shut… Read more →

Book Review: “Firetok” by Gordon A. Wilson

Last Monday I read “Firetok”, a suspense novel by Gordon A. Wilson; a story flooded and  permeated with pure horror. The opening scene warns you that the book is going to be dark. When violence comes into play, I will normally shut a book and move on, since I suffer from post-traumatic stress syndrome: However, I couldn’t put this book down. I’m… Read more →